Mulch Installation Tips

Maintenance Tips

Installing mulch a minimum of 3 inches and a maximum of 4 inches will deter weed growth. Over time, mulch may begin to fade. You can rake your mulch to refresh the color and/or install a top coat of 1-2 inches per year to restore the original color. Properly installed mulch will last 1-3 years.


Mulch Conserves Water

You may need to reduce irrigation levels when switching to mulch from pine straw or when installing mulch in wet soil conditions. Mulch conserves water better than stone or pine straw, reducing your water consumption up to fifty percent. Proper aeration and pruning are also essential to maintain proper soil moisture. Overly wet soil may result in the growth of unattractive fungus in your landscape. Always, maintain proper soil moisture and never over irrigate.


Weed Control

Landscape fabric will further eliminate weed growth and slow the decomposition of your mulch. Some gardeners choose not to use fabric because as the mulch decomposes, it adds beneficial organic matter to the soil. For best results, be sure to remove all existing weeds and prepare your soil before you install your mulch.


Installation Tips for Forest Brown®, Forest BlackTM and Seaside Red Cypress

Do not install if rain is in the forecast. Color-enhanced mulches never completely dry in the stock piles at our manufacturing plants and retail center. The colorant takes a minimum of 24 hours to cure to the mulch once spread. Do not irrigate for 24 hours. Irrigate BEFORE you install mulch. The mulch will retain moisture in the soil once the mulch is spread. If proper installation instructions are followed, the color of Seaside’s color-enhanced mulches will last for over a year. Our premium colorants are non-toxic and safe for people and animals. They also contain no VOCs, making them safe for your plants, soil, and the air.


NuLeaf® Organic Compost

Turn over a NuLeaf® in your garden with our OMRI listed and US Compost Council STA compost!


Seaside Mulch’s NuLeaf® is a sustainable organic compost made from leaves. NuLeaf® is manure and bio-solid free.


OMRI listed means that NuLeaf® may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule.

NuLeaf® Application Instructions

New Lawn/Sod Installation:
• Apply NuLeaf® evenly at 1”-2” depth

• Till into 4”-6” of soil

Smooth the surface, then seed, plug, or sod


Flower & Vegetable Gardens:
• Apply NuLeaf® evenly at 2”-4” depth

• Till into 6”-12” of soil


Broadcast Application:     – 
• Apply 400lbs of NuLeaf® per 1000 square feet

• Water covered area after application


Decorative Mulch:

• Apply NuLeaf® evenly at a minimum of 3” depth

• Reduce fertilizer application if applicable

Avoid placing compost on the trunks and stems of plants

• Water thoroughly before and after mulching


Soil Amendment/Tree & Shrub planting:     

• Use a 20/80 NuLeaf®/soil blend for normal soils

• Use up to a 50/50 blend for sandy or clay soils


Amends soil by increasing organic matter content, creating a healthier growing medium for your plants.

Helps modify and stabilize your soil’s pH.

Provides a slow release nutrient source for your plants, without the harmful side effects associated with chemical fertilizers.

Improves your soil’s ability to retain water, greatly reducing the need for irrigation.

Provides natural disease suppression by encouraging strong root growth.

Provides erosion control by establishing strong root growth for plants in sloped areas.

Helps filter pollutants out of storm water, allowing for a more natural, healthier environment.


Replicate Nature with Seaside Mulch’s topsoil. Our rich, native soil is high in organics. We screen our topsoil to ensure consistent particle size. Seaside Mulch’s topsoil will retain up to 25% more water than our competitor’s topsoil.


Uses: spread 1 to 2 inches layer before installing new sod; add topsoil to level holes and uneven areas in yard; build raised beds; and general landscape planting.

Seaside Mulch’s composts increase organic matter and create a healthier growing medium for your plants. Compost reduces water consumption up to 50%; thus reducing your irrigation costs and conserving water. Compost provides a slow release nutrient source for your plants and helps stabilize soil pH. Compost will encourage strong root growth, leading to healthier plants with less disease. Seaside Mulch offers our NuLeaf® Organic Compost and Turkey Compost.

Seaside’s Container Mix is weed-seed free and ready for planting. This 
specialty blend is the foundation for 
a bountiful garden. This is the same 
growing medium used by nurseries 
and commercial growers.


Seaside’s Container Mix is specifically formulated for pots, container 
gardens, houseplants and contained raised beds. Make sure your container has good drainage. Fill the container about 1/3 full of Container Mix. 
Loosen the root ball of the plant and place in the container. Continue filling with the Container Mix. Water the planting and let it drain. You may add your preferred brand of slow release fertilizer or NuLeaf® organic compost to feed your contained plantings.



Soil Testing and Soil Analysis


Seaside Mulch operates a full scale compost facility permitted by the state of North Carolina (permit #YWN-65-008) at our 201 N. Green Meadows Drive location in Wilmington, NC. This facility recycles local vegetative materials which are used to produce our NuLeaf® organic compost.


Seaside Mulch’s NuLeaf® Organic Compost is certified by the U.S. Compost Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program and is listed by OMRI to be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA Organic Program Rule.

Depending on the application of Seaside Mulch’s products in a project, LEED credits may be claimed. Credits that may be claimed include:


Sustainable Sites (SS)

SS Prerequisite 1 (0 Credits) Construction Activity 
Pollution Prevention

SS Credit 5.1 (1 Credit) Site Development: Protect and Restore Habitat

SS Credit 6.1 (1 Credit) Storm Water Design: 
Quantity Control

SS Credit 6.2 (1 Credit) Storm water Design: 
Quality Control

SS Credit 7.2 (1 Credit) Heat Island Effect: Non-Roof

SS Credit 7.2 (1 Credit) Heat Island Effect: Roof

Water Efficiency (WE)

WE Credit 1 (1-2 Credits) Water Efficient Landscape

WE Credit 2 (1 Credit) Innovative Wastewater 


Materials & Resources (MR)

MR Credit 4 (1-2 Credits) Recycled Content

MR Credit 5 (1-2 Credits) Regional Materials

MR Credit 6 (1 Credit) Rapidly Renewable Materials


Only the US Green Building Council can award LEED Certification. For more info, visit


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