NuLeaf® Organic Compost

nuleaf organic compostNuLeaf® is a sustainable organic compost made from leaves. NuLeaf® is approved for all-purpose usage including: vegetable, fruit and flower gardens, trees, shrubs, and lawns.

  • Available in 8 Quart Bags
  • Bags can be ordered in box and pallet quantities

Turn over a NuLeaf® in your garden with our OMRI listed and US Compost Council STA compost!

Seaside Mulch’s NuLeaf® is a sustainable organic compost made from leaves. NuLeaf® is manure and bio-solid free.

OMRI listed means that NuLeaf® may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule.



NuLeaf® Application Instructions

New Lawn/Sod Installation:

  • Apply NuLeaf® evenly at 1”- 2” depth
  • Till into 4”-6” of soil
  • Smooth the surface, then seed, plug, or sod

Flower & Vegetable Gardens:

  • Apply NuLeaf® evenly at 2”- 4” depth
  • Till into 6”- 12” of soil

Broadcast Application:

  • Apply 400lbs of NuLeaf® per 1000 square feet
  • Water covered area after application

Decorative Mulch:

  • Apply NuLeaf® evenly at 3” or more depth
  • Reduce fertilizer application if applicable
  • Avoid placing compost on plant trunks/stems
  • Water thoroughly before and after mulching

Soil Amendment for Tree & Shrub planting:

  • Use a 20/80 NuLeaf®/soil blend for normal soils
  • Use up to a 50/50 blend for sandy or clay soils


Benefits of Organic Compost

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