It’s in the Bag!!

February 28th, 2013

Whether you are looking for Cypress, Hardwood Bark, or Pine Bark Mulch, Seaside Mulch has what you need. We offer our Cypress, Hardwood Bark, and 3 sizes of Pine Bark in Bulk and 2 cubic foot bagged sizes.
Cypress BagHardwood Bark Bag Pine Bark Nuggets Bag Pine Bark Fines Bag Mini Nuggets Bag
Our Cypress is produced from 100% virgin cypress and is an ideal mulch for those looking to add a beautiful golden color to their landscape. Our Hardwood Bark is 100% bark produced from a mix of red oak and other hardwoods. Our Hardwood Bark is reddish-brown in color and works great in natural and sloped areas. Our Pine Bark products are produced from 100% Southern Yellow Pine Bark. Pine Bark is the perfect mulch for avid gardeners and professional growers.