Pine Bark

June 28th, 2013

At Seaside Mulch we produce our pine bark products from 100% Southern Yellow Pine Bark. Our pine bark is the perfect mulch for avid gardners and professional growers. Pine bark’s unique composition adds porosity and loam to your soil, and helps retain essential nutrients and water. Pine Bark has an ideal pH for roses, azaleas, and camellias. Pine bark is also a good mulch to use around annuals, perennials, and vegetables. Pine bark is easy to spread around these plants’ delicate stems. At the end of the season the pine bark can be incorporated into soil for added nutrients for the next growing season.

Come by Seaside Mulch today and check out our Pine Bark Fines, Pine Bark Mini-Nuggets, & Pine Bark Nuggets. All Pine Bark products are available in bulk and 2 cubic foot bags.
Pine Bark Fines BagPine Bark Nuggets BagMini Nuggets Bag