May 3rd, 2013

topsoilpic 2

Add essential nutrients to your garden this Spring with Seaside Mulch’s Topsoil. Our Topsoil is high in organic matter, screened to ensure consistent particle size, and will retain up to 25% more water than our competitor’s products. Our Topsoil is available in bulk and easy to handle 16 quart bags.

Try Seaside Mulch’s Topsoil for your next gardening project.



–Spread a 1 to 2 inch layer before installing new sod
–Add Topsoil to level holes and uneven areas in your yard
–Incorporate with existing soil to add organic matter to your garden
–General landscape planting (remember to dig holes for new plantings as deep as the root ball  and 2 to 3 times wider      than the root ball)
For best results have your existing soil tested to learn what your lawn or garden needs