Cypress Mulch in South Carolina

At Seaside Mulch we can provide you with some of the finest cypress mulch in South Carolina. Cypress mulch is an organic material used in landscaping and gardening. We carry both regular cypress mulch and red cypress mulch. It is a perfect mulch for those looking to add a beautiful golden color to their gardens. This naturally rot-resistant mulch is produced from 100% virgin cypress.

Either one of our cypress mulches are ideal to use for water conservation, weed control, and erosion control in flower and shrub beds in the landscape. Our signature brand of color-enhanced cypress mulch is produced from the highest quality virgin cypress that has been ground, screened and colored to exact specifications using premium colorants. Our red cypress is rich and vibrant giving any landscape a unique one-of-a-kind color. The use of Color Lock ensures that when properly installed your mulch will hold its color longer.

As the mulch decomposes it adds nutrients to the soil. Most plants benefit from the additional nutrients that our cypress mulch provides. It is neutral and does not change the soil’s pH level as it decomposes such as pine needles and pine bark does over time. It also blocks weed growth and prevents any airborne seeds from reaching the soil to germinate. Another benefit is that it also deters insects and reptiles.

It’s important to remember not to install your color-enhanced mulch if rain is in the forecast. If you must irrigate do it before you apply mulch. Color-enhanced mulches never completely dry in the mulch piles at our manufacturing plants and retail center. The colorant takes a minimum of 24 hours to cure once it’s spread. Do not irrigate for 24 hours after spreading mulch. The mulch will hold moisture in the soil once it is spread. That’s part of its purpose along with weed suppression and erosion control. If proper installation instructions are followed, the color of Seaside’s color-enhanced mulches will last for over a year. Our premium colorants are non-toxic and safe for people and animals. They also contain no VOCs, making them safe for your plants, soil, and the air.

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