Purchasing Mulch Wholesale Offers Savings and Convenience

February 21st, 2014

When you have a large number of gardens to care for, whether residential or commercial, and you’re looking to save money while not scrimping on quality, you should be purchasing your compost and mulch in bulk at wholesale prices. We sell wholesale mulch in North Carolina that is reasonably priced and ships fast. Whether you’re ordering two cubic foot bags that are available in box and pallet quantities or bulk mulch by the tractor trailer load, you’re going to appreciate the convenience that ordering from us can bring.

wholesale mulch in North CarolinaAt Seaside Mulch our manufacturing facility is located right in Wilmington North Carolina, but we ship our products anywhere in the country as well as the world. We’re able to deliver any quantity of mulch that you require directly to your residence, business, or jobsite.

The quality of the mulch we manufacture cannot be out-matched by others. We guarantee the quality and service as being outstanding. If you’ve never purchased from us, this is a great season to do so. When you purchase bulk quantities of wholesale mulch you’ll save a bundle over buying individual bags at retail prices no matter where you get them. In addition to various types of mulch we also sell wholesale compost, stone, topsoil and more.

All of our mulch, both bagged or bulk wholesale mulch, is available in Forest Brown, Forest Black, Red Cypress, Cypress, Hardwood Bark, Pine Bark Nuggets, Pine Bark Mini Nuggets, and Pine Bark Fines. We also have Color Lock brands that use premium colorants to ensure the mulch holds its color longer.

Where to purchase wholesale mulch in North CarolinaBased on what we’ve experience ourselves and the testimony of our many satisfied customers, you can expect excellent results from our mulch the very first season you use it. We put it on all of our gardens and find that the plants within perform phenomenally better than before we started using it.

If you’d like to place an order to purchase wholesale and have mulch delivered to you in North Carolina give us a call at 910-791-2100 and we’ll be happy to take your information.