Ways Your Mulch Supplier May be Missing the Mark

February 14th, 2014

It’s likely that the first mulch ever made on this planet was created by Mother Nature herself. Trees have always dropped leaves and needles that mat together to form a protective covering below. Under that covering can be found rich, dense soil with nary a weed in sight. While Mother Nature likely designed this as a means for trees to sustain themselves, today’s gardeners have far more issues to contend with and mulch has become an effective modern day solution.

Leader among mulch suppliers in South CarolinaThe use of mulch in our landscaping provides more than aesthetic value, though that in and of its self is priceless. Mulch also holds moisture into the soil and slows evaporation by forming a protective barrier. When applied in an appropriate thickness it also suppresses weeds since they cannot reach the light. Mulch will further protect your plant’s roots from extremes in temperatures – both heat and cold.

But all mulch is not created equal and all mulch suppliers in South Carolina are not delivering consistently high quality product as we are at Seaside Mulch. The mulch that we make supplies organic matter to the soil and is free of noxious weeds, insects and disease. You won’t find foreign matter in our high quality mulch – something not all suppliers of mulch can say.

mulch suppliers in South CarolinaWe sell a large variety of the finest mulches that you can get in this area and we’ll deliver it right to your door or jobsite. You can count on the mulch that you buy from us to be backed up by our own Quality Assurance Program. That’s something you won’t get from other suppliers.

Our sizes and quantities of mulch are available from 8 quart bags to 2 cubic foot bags by the box or pallet and bulk deliveries from 1 cubic yard to 100 cubic yards delivered by our full service fleet of walking-floor trailers. We offer fast and professional delivery through not just North and South Carolina but also Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

If your gardens aren’t all you think they could be and you suspect you’ve been receiving inferior product from your current mulch supplier, we encourage you to give us a call at Seaside Mulch at 910-791-2100. We’d be happy to show you how a good, high quality mulch can impact all of your gardens!