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Common Pests in the Garden

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

No matter what type of gardening you enjoy – vegetables, perennials, annuals or shrubs and trees – when it comes to appreciating what’s growing, you’re not alone. Sadly, there are many common pests that can seem to undo much of your hard work in the blink of an eye. There are things you can do to prevent pests or eliminate them once you have them but for now, we’re going to help you learn to recognize just who may be in your garden with you.

Aphids - Common Pests in the GardenAphids are very common in gardens as well as on indoor house plants. They’re small, soft-bodied insects that feed in colonies. They are green, black, yellow, or even pink, which makes it difficult for many to be sure they’re aphids. Aphids suck the fluid from plants which, in turn, causes the leaves to curl up and turn brown.

Spider Mites - Common Pests in the GardenSpider Mites are often identified by the leaves with spotted markings on their undersides and the presence of shiny webs throughout the plant. These are very small pests – too small to see with the naked eye.

Mealy Bugs - Common Pests in the GardenMealybugs are tiny white insects that colonize on the bases of leaves. They are covered in a cotton-like mass of wax that is almost permanent. Male mealybugs can fly but the females cannot. They suck plant fluids, causing drooping and eventually death to the plant.

Whiteflies - Common Pests in the GardenWhiteflies are covered with white scales that display a powdery appearance. They suck sap from plant leaves and stems. Whitefly infestations include wilting, stunted growth, and reduced yield of plants. They are particularly widespread in warm climates.

Scales -- Common Pests in the GardenScales live in colonies and are covered in a waxy shell. They feed by attaching themselves to a plant’s stems and leaves so they can draw out fluids from the plant. This causes wilting plants. If their presence is ignored, they can completely kill plants. Warning signs are stunted plant growth and distorted fruit and vegetables.

Thrips - Common Pests in the GardenThrips are very tiny, speedy insects with slender, fringed wings. They are so fast that most people have never noticed them but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. They feed on the sap of plant tissue causing slowed plant growth and eventually death. Thrips are known for transporting viruses from plant to plant.

Cutworms - Common Pests in the GardenCutworms are well-known for attacking young tomato plants and slicing them off at ground level. They are a pest that feeds at night. They resemble a medium-sized, dull-colored moth. You can find them curled in balls, resting in the soil, during the day. They dig deep into the soil in late summer and early fall.

Snails - Common Pests in the GardenSnails and slugs are one of the most damaging pests and also feed at night or on cool and overcast days. They hide under plant debris during a warm, sunny days. Snails and slugs are easily noticed by the trails and holes they leave in plant material.

Cucumber Beetle - Common Pests in the GardenCucumber Beetles are either spotted or striped. They usually feed on plant roots but adult cucumber beetles will attack the foliage and stems of plants as well. Easier to spot, these bright green pests can be found on both vegetables and flowers. Adult cucumber beetles can transfer viral and bacterial plant diseases.

Grasshoppers - Common Pests in the GardenGrasshoppers have a voracious appetite and interestingly enough, arrive in late summer when produce is most abundant. It is most common in warm-weather, hot-summer climates. This pest is most destructive to young and tender field crops and grasslands.

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